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Understanding the meaning of the term, “Immigration.”

If you are looking to settle abroad, then there are different ways to do so, with the work permit, student visa, Permanent Residency Visa, temporary visa, etc. Amidst all this let us look at the term “Immigration” and understand what settling abroad actually means.

What is immigration? How can immigrant visa be understood as Permanent Residency Visa which is also called PR? An immigrant is an individual, who is not a native of the country he is moving to that means he is not a naturalized citizen of that country; it allows him to live and settle in that country permanently and enable the individual to work in any industry domain and with any employer, but his homeland remains something else.

Now immigration is a legal process which requires extensive paperwork and legal formalities, and there are very few countries that allow immigration. However, for countries like Canada immigration is an excellent way to curb the demand of the skilled labor force as they have the extensive issue of aging population and low density in areas. Hence, immigration, in this case, allows the country to fill its skills shortages in occupations which are highly in demand that is how occupation list exist.

A country adopts an immigration policy to welcome citizens of other countries who are young at age, who are well educated, who have high English Language Skills and skilled in a particular occupation. That is why these countries have a point based Immigration system which allows young, highly educated, proficient in English, highly skilled workers from other countries to come and live in the respective countries. Immigrant Visa allows an individual to live in a particular country for a specific period of time before they apply to become a naturalized citizen of that very country. There are a lot of benefits attached to the immigration visa. For say in case of Permanent Residency (PR) visa of Canada, the advantages are free education for children, free Healthcare and protection against crime above all the others. The Canada PR status is allotted for five years and is a family visa.

Role of Occupation list in migration

Every Country has its occupation list for the migrants. The Occupation list is the job categories in which a migrant has a specific skill set and has education and work experience in that particular job. This is the list of Occupations which are highly in demand for that specific region of the country and when people are having those particular skills set to come to their country, it will both benefit immigrants as well their adopted country of residence. It is necessary for an individual to have work experience in that particular occupation list if they want to migrate to their adopted country.

The occupation list is created, and every skill set is provided a code. For Australia, this list is called Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and is a part of Australia Point based system, for Canada this list is called the National Occupational Classification list and the skilled candidate should choose an occupation from the list to be selected for migration. After you have nominated an occupation from the list while creating your profile, then your skills and knowledge will be tested as per that occupation only for this the point based immigration system is used. Once you have met all the eligibility criteria, you will be selected for immigration.

Most countries choose Point-Based Immigration System

All countries which allow people with specialized skill sets to come and live in their respective countries have adopted a point based Immigration system so that people who are young at age, well educated, proficient in English and with specializing skills set can come and live and help with the economic felicitation. Points based Immigration system works on following Core Human Factors generally. As an understanding example let us look at the Canada PR status point based allocation system. In which the point based demarcation is as follows


Since the immigration is done for economic reasons, the country inviting the applicant would want a young workforce which can proactively contribute to the economy. The highest point scorers in this category are 18 years to 35 years old candidates.


There cannot be any skill without education. Hence, the applicants are tested for their educational standards and their credentials which determine their eligibility or a particular occupation. For Canada, the assessment is done through an authorized body like WES, and it is checked if the education is as per the Canadian Educational board standards or not.

Work Experience

If you have skills in your hand and experience on your side then you will be able to improve and improvise in an organization. Work experience is highly consequential in enhancing the productivity of an organization. Thus experienced candidates are chosen for many organizations and are allotted good points in the immigration proceedings.

English Language Ability

If you are planning to move to another country then it is imperative that you understand the language of the country you are migrating too then only you will be able to function effectively in personal and professional setting both. Hence, a language test in the official language becomes a determining factor for migration and help you gain good points in the proceedings as well.


It can be an added advantage if you have a spouse or common-law partner and you are planning to migrate to another country as then you can take advantage of the spouses' education, Language skills, and work experience and improve your chances of migration immensely.


The candidate can be at an added advantage of settling in a new country if he/she has blood relative like a sibling or spouse already settled in the country and there are extra points also available for the applicant in such case.

For migration then best possible method is through Permanent Residency Visa

Permanent Residency (PR) Visa is the best way through which an applicant can move to another location, and it is the first step towards a safe and secure migration to another country. Some of the advantages of migrating with the PR status are -

  • You can live and work anywhere in the country, work for any employer in any industry domain even if you want to start your own business you are free to do so. There is no restriction on your moment within the country.
  • Free access to World Class Health Care services as an Immigrant you have access to free medicals and social services
  • Free Education for your kids till 18 years
  • Sponsor your Spouse and Children
  • Become Citizen of that country after living there for a stipulated time. Every Immigrant has a chance to apply for citizenship of his adopted country after he has lived in that particular country for a specific period.

For those candidates who are looking for faster and immediate immigration work permit is also a good option as opposed to Permanent Residency Visa. After relocation the candidate can apply for a Canada PR status from abroad as well.

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